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Scrapping it altogether suggests it will never be developed. On hold means that it will be developed at some point. Has the development program been ended? Heck yeah, keeping that many people and material floating in limbo would cost a phenomenal amount of money. It really is a better idea to close it now, redirect the efforts and money and concentrate on expanding the tech base for future projects.

And you know what? That is my professional opinion. In 10 days time I will undertake the final oral examination for my doctorate, in space physics. I have been involved with the people who comprise the NASA and ESA communities since I first started studying physics in 1998. I hope that by now I have a fairly good working understanding of how the space industry handles itself. On the basis of that experience, I actually think that "Obama and his commie congress" have probably made the best decision in a tough situation.

If you honestly believe that the basis of this policy decision was the intended removal of the US from manned space exploration for the rest of history then I really don't know what I can tell you. A view that fundamentally biased can't really be argued with.
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