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Ah - did a second viewing yesterday and discoverd some more points. Specifically about the Sonmi statues in the obervatory . Oh and what was pretty fascinating to me was that the retirement home was called "Aurora House" and the logo of that house was then again repeated as a tattoo above the eyebrows of a women in the post-civilized village.
Here are some cool image links that show some of the "rebirths" and connections between these main characters, who has the birthmark, who is evil or good, what kind of narrative was in which time - I liked them somewhat, though I am not sure about the birthmark really signalling reincarnation - if it does, it would mean that the use of the same actors in different times would not be a part of the reincarnation story. In a way it makes sense because the birthmark is always with the main narrator of the story, but still... :
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