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That would not fly with the public in this Country, when you have so many out of work, and may College graduates working at a WalMart for minimum wage. THEN they look at the T.V. and printed news, and see the coverage of a very wealthy person, that the only thing that they know about, is that his movies make BILLIONS, and he has the money to have his OWN. Deep Diver custom designed and built for him. They know NOTHING of the money that he spends on environmental causes, all they understand is that someone wants to float a tax to "help people like that biuld their toys", while the WalMart worker has to. Choose between food on the table, or car insurance. People with THAT perspuective of "life" are dead set against ANY NEW TAXES, and for a large those that spawned, and helped perpetuate the "Occupy movements" around the Country.
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