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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Innumerable irayos for posting all of this, Alan! Leaky eye syndrome indeed! I can't believe it was only five months ago -- seems ages! I'm not getting my infusions of Avatar as often as I need them these days.

It's especially great to see shots from some of the stuff I didn't make it to, such as the cosplay.


Here's hoping I can figure out a way to make it out to DC or to wherever AvatarMeet 2013 finally lands. It will be at least three months before my summer plans start to materialize.
Irayo ma tsmukan. I can't take all the credit, though, as DJ Makto did a fair bit ot the editing and commentary too. Glad you liked them though. Certainly brings back a lot of good memories to share.

Yeah, you've got to come to AvatarMeet 2013. I mean, who's going to be my grip? Hehehe. Hopefully I might have got my own Satchler sticks by then...if they release them!

Originally Posted by Txon Rolyu
I don't even......
Check out 30 seconds in from the beginning of the AM2012-Saturday Part 2 video

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