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Back to dreaming:
I had one about a movie which was 'based on and about Avatar'. Some Avatar fans, about 20, got excited & went to see it, it was like a mix of an Avatar sequel and a documentary with the interviews etc. Then it turned out that... it was us who filmed it! I definitely remember that Alan & HNM were there, the rest is kind of vague.

James Cameron & one super dude from his team came to watch it, too, loved it, & insisted on taking photos with us (by then our numbers dwindled to about 7).

Then there was a Q&A session, or maybe an interview with JC, but people were showing up late, talking, laughing & JC was getting grumpy that they didn't seem serious enough. I thought: "Hey he Does take it very seriously - as if we were part of his team!" I wanted to suggest him to have a look at the forums, at least as a visitor, to see if he likes any ideas, but people kept interrupting me with their questions; in the end JC asked me directly what was so important that I'd been trying to say for a while. I began to talk, but Alan started hissing at me! I was a bit perplexed - was I disclosing some state secret or something? but since I wasn't sure what alan's concern was, I wrapped my speech to: "Err... we are from the forums so you know where to find us..." Then the dream finished.
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