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Default Higher Frame Rates and The Hobbit

Two links here, one is a video and one is a more substantial article from Kotaku. Both are almost a month old, but I at least haven't heard anyone mention this before. They say that a higher frame rate is jarring and makes CG objects stand out from live action, but I have to think JC can do better

Is it really that bad?
On the other hand, Bert Dunk, director of photography and technology supervisor at Toronto's Screen Industry Research and Training Center, told me on the phone that he's not sure what everyone is complaining about. He saw The Hobbit in 48fps, and he loved it. A member of both the Canadian and American Societies of Cinematographers, he's worked extensively with HFR footage, and he seems to have an almost over-the-top adoration for the new format. In fact, Dunk insisted, the experience should only get better as frame rate increases—he explained that even 120fps footage is being tested.

When viewers do experience issues, he said, it's likely due to the way a high frame rate film is being projected, and not a problem with the format itself. The same has been said of 3D, but still, that contention seems at odds with the sheer volume of complaints being leveled at the format. Dunk was adamant that the photography process itself is not to blame, though.

"The more you watch it, the easier it is to watch," he insisted, though even he conceded that ultimately "it's a very personal thing."
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