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Here's what I posted in the "TV & Movies" section under The Hobbit thread:

I've seen "The Hobbit" 3 times -- twice in the HFR 3D and once in regular 24fps 3D...and overall I actually prefer the HFR 3D. Yes, the HFR technology can be improved upon (probably by Peter Jackson/WETA and James Cameron), and it does take a bit of getting used to, but by the 2nd time of seeing the film in the HFR 3D, I was already more used to it.

I would recommend my fellow Avatar fans to see "The Hobbit" (it's a darn good movie regardless of the format it's shown in!) in the HFR 3D if possible...and even to see it twice in that format if possible. That way, you can start getting used to it in preparation for the Avatar sequel films, which just might be filmed in the HFR 3D (JC might go higher than the 48fps of "The Hobbit"). I think it would be VERY interesting to see what the Na'vi would look like in the HFR 3D (though I can't even imagine what a *higher* frame rate than 48fps would look like).

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