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I did go to see The Hobbit in the HFR 3D and when it started it was a marked difference to 'normal'. It was actually like watching a very crystal clear, extremely large TV! For me it actually seemed to make the film sets look more like, well, film though I was in a theatre watching a stage production. Kinda hard to describe really.

Another thing I noticed was that the huge vistas of New Zealand seemed to look more like model sets. I think that might have been an effect of the 3D setting and where the convergence was set rather that the HFR.

I also noticed in one or two shots the 'join' in some of the composites. This was perhaps due to the high resolution, whereas such joins would have been covered up by the 'low res' in standard formats.

My most favorite scene for composite integration was the dwaf/mountain troll scene. This seemed seamless and completely real!

At the end of the day we go to the cinema to be entertained and come out feeling better than when we went in. The Hobbit did both of these for me...but never as good as Avatar. That bar is just so high

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