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I'm with PunkMaister here.
Will it do us any good to retreat into a 'we are the only people in the universe' mentality? OF COURSE NOT. If you think so, why not bring back geocentricism and flat-earth-ism while you're at it?
Ironically, without space exploration, we will NEVER find Pandora. If the space program had been ended in the reality that led to Avatar, humans wouldn't be on Pandora, and the Earth would just be a series of radioactive craters.
Eltu, nobody is talking about abandoning Earth, but the truth is, if humanity wants to survive in the long term (talking centuries as a minimum here), then we HAVE to explore space.

I just hope that when he gets kicked out, he gets replaced by someone who actually knows what they're doing. He is doing a lot of good things (e.g. finally giving the USA healthcare...), but calling him a 'commie' is a bit of an extreme reaction (anyway, I'd rather have him than some fundamentalist right wing extreme christian...), but he really doesn't know what he's doing there.
...and people wonder why China is gaining on America... it's because they know what is worth spending money on.

Ah well, maybe if NASA ask nicely they can put some people on Chinese/Russian/ESA missions...
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