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Good to See you Fosus! It's been a while but I see your status - pity! hope things sort themselves out. Nice weather you have over there, with 'white nights' when it doesn't really get dark... or how do you call it, in Finnish? Do you have any nice photos of 'where you're at'?
No such luck here in the Mediterranean, we are way down in the South but we have our little joys - like now it's the rose season, and roses blossom everywhere.

About weather patterns - let's get some 'samples: US Annual Tornado Trends.

All said, it is not wise to cut the branch one is sitting one! and humans have been doing it for a while by now... yes, since the time of Industrialization - and even before.
It's not only about weather patterns, it's also about, say, the content of vitamins, say, in the carrots that are Considered to be good for health - are they really, with all the chemicals that they are fed while growing? I doubt that they are as good as they used to be in our grandparents' times!
Knowledge is a chimera for beyond any knowledge there ever lies other knowledge that renders the previous knowledge false. (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever Vol.II- Stephen Donaldson)

What the bleep do we know!

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