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Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
It wasn't that amazing, I just suddenly realised 'hmm, I'm dreaming. Wonder if I can...', then it turned into Pandora for a while, then I started to wake up. That was not so nice, desperately trying to stay asleep, then failing
Probably nothing like a real lucid dream, but it was nice for a while.
Uhh, that's how lots of lucid dreams go... until you become very proficient at it. I lost my motivation to continue after a frustrating battle with "false waking".

False waking is where you *think* you have awoken but really it's your brain trying to put you back in subconscious dream state. Very difficult to overcome for some people.

That could be what happened to you. To avoid this, do a reality check. Look at a digital clock, then away, then back again. If you are dreaming the time will change. If you are awake, well, obviously it won't. It will work with text as well. Look at a newspaper, then look away, then back again... it will change if you are dreaming.

If you are lucid dreaming and find your focus beginning to dissolve, you can stare at your hands, and that often helps refocus. I have done this several times (but when I looked away from my hands I false awakened D:


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