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Originally Posted by Ashen Key View Post
I'm mostly happy with the level of the tech - but actually, I still find it really hard to believe that Jake couldn't get his spine fixed. They can create the Avatars, successfully clone animals, and yet they can't fix cheaply fix the spine of a special forces soldier, with all his hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of training they poured into him?

Massive wealth inequality isn't implausible, but yeah, I can't really see how paying Jake X decades of vet benefits can be cheaper than fixing his spine once, even with American-esque pricing shenanigans. Maybe Selfridge's short-sightedness has infected the accountants.
Originally Posted by Human No More View Post
The link is likely quantum-based, similar to the FTL communications. The fact that everything in Avatar is realistic and completely possible is one of the things I like over other scifi
You can't have relativistic time dilation (as appears to be case on the Venture Star, IIR the math C) and FTL communications without things becoming really weird: the FTL radio works as a time machine if you set it up correctly.
Originally Posted by lumpinger96 View Post
There is one thing that bothers me. The Valkyrie Shuttle is stated to be powered by THERMONUCLEAR FUSION.
So they managed to create a Star in a jar and have a 3 Gas giants full of Helium-3 in their own HOME SYSTEM and still have energy problems? --DISBELIEVE--
That also bothers me a little too. Having the combination of the massive energy sources needed for expensive-but-doable interstellar flight and not being able to provide a high quality of life for everyone is somewhat disingenous, and only makes much sense if the general free market is no longer functioning for some reason.

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