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Originally Posted by auroraglacialis View Post
Fine - if you speak only about "canon", then yes, of course it is possible because it was in the script. But I had the impression that the thread was about the realism behind that and I merely pointed out that I think given the current situation and the upcoming triple whammy of environmental destruction, peaking oil production and climate change are going to be extremely hard to cope with and certainly will make it hard to do large scale projects like massive ocean algae farming. Certainly it is possible - it is also possible that there will be working fusion power and space travel by the end of the century - but I think it is not likely - at the very least it would require juggling all the precious balls perfectly that represent the parameters that could "do us in".

So realistically - feeding 13 billion people almost exclusively with food derived from algae farms - is that possible? I think in the present situation, it probably would be, in the future described in Avatar, I think it would be a lot more complicated, because the oceans are already showing signs of becoming much less hospitable places. Maybe algae can still be grown in any case and somehow purified of the toxins even if the rest of the oceans and lands are dead. Its plausible - if the collapse of ecosystem is going down slow enough to allow people to adapt to it and not tear themselves apart in wars too much - but my opinion is that it is not likely. So in terms of plausability - of course most of the things in Avatar are plausible, they did a great job in not inventing too much things that are just too fantastic. Except maybe the nearly telepathic "link" in Avatars that works unharmed even in the floating mountains where even the sturdy helicopter instruments are failing - that sounds a bit like stretching it.
What about hydroponic or aeroponik gardens?? According to the most recent projections there will be 9 Billion people on Earth in 2050, 70% of them in cities perfect for Vertical farming and urban agriculture
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