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Default Unboxing pictures from the Jake nacklace ;)

For 4-5 months received the necklace from Jake, who was for 39 € in the same forest range, and you want some pictures, of course, not denied. Have a few unboxing pictures taken, but all the world should not be seen to be important hint

Once the casket in which the chain was, because just simply is simply

Then open the beautiful box to light:

Once the box alone makes looks very impressive:

The chain again individually, in a cloth bag:

Even then, the chain looks real chic from when you look at the bigger picture again:

The workmanship is great, and lets see repays:

Then again from scratch, even here, great workmanship and great looks:

Then in the final frame, the beads, even in close-up look quite elegant:

Greetings our Tsu'tey
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