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Many of the issues spoken upon reflect upon the new findings in relation to what is called
Non-local consciousness , there have been some tangible experiments that draw a lot of new questions on this, there is a documentary called "Quantum Activist" that show the process of testing this, where two subjects where instructed to meditate with the core
intention that will have a non-local communication , for 20 minutes they where then separate and placed in 2 EMF (faradays cage) shielded rooms, with instructions maintain this intent.
the first subject was exposed to a random flashing light with a unique pattern synced to time code monitoring this produces a EM response in the brain , this creates what is called "Evoked potential" from an external source(light flashes). , both people are connected to a EEG machine to measure there response, the second person who does not see any light flashes and despite there separation still responds this is called called "Transferred Potential"
and still shows a very closely mirrored response in both phase and strength even with very complex unique light patterns are shown to the first person.
This is a sublime response to the second observer and they don't realize they are
So the question is "How can two people communicate without any signals or face to face contact ? .
How does electrical activity transfer from one brain to another without any electromagnetic connection without any signal ?
The belief is brains can indeed "communicate non-locally"
proving that conciseness is indeed , non-local
this example appears at 35 min mark in this documentary
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