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yes i actually did.
well, that's assuming that the copy i got off the net is not some fake written by some over-enthusiastic pre-teen. but i'll assume what i read is jc's doing.

as immature as the text i have read can be (clearly in need of a good workover by a copy editor), the final film is clearly "in there". scenes and dialogue lines are easily recognizable. even many of the deleted scenes are clearly derived from "project 880". the overall structure is basically the same despite the differences.

i have found that most of the alien aspects of the universe created by jc make more sense in "project 880", despite some of them being quite over-the-top (i mean, detachable/projectile heads?!?). on the other hand, the human aspect is usually better in the final film. i was surprised to see how idiotic and akin to the "disposable red shirts" from that other franchise the security forces are in the original text. also surprising is how much selfridge can be the cliché uni-dimensional bad guy in "880", compared to the movie. quaritch is almost an after-thought.

there was clearly an extensive re-write before and during filming, that i feel was done in quite a haste. some of it was for the better, but quite a few loose ends, mistakes and other bits that don't quite make sense appeared in the process. furthermore, a certain coherency (not sure if this is the right word, here) that was present in "880", despite that text's immaturity, was lost.

i do hope that, er, peer-reviews (for lack of a better term) are being/were done whilst the sequels' scripts are/were being developed, to ensure that we all see a polished and spotless film when it is released.


just google "project 880 avatar".
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