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Default Existence of God

First of all, you already probably know about my first thread about it and that it was closed becouse I was 'agressive' I'll try not to be agressive here, but when I think about this world I say what I think so, this leads us to this topic.

God doesn't exist, why?
look araund you, read the newspaper, watch the news and you will see why.
Russia is nuking Ukraine all the tame and I'm afraid that this conflict can turn into a world war I don't know if its possible but I know that Putin is psychotic and that no one will stop him he has ukrain in his sights today, but who knows if tomorrow it will be the resty of the world. Another thing is those skxawngs which are terrorists, they are everywhere. did you here about the shootout in France where a newspaper redactory was ivaded by terrorists and they killed a lot of peaple, why becouse someone said something bad about Islam. they are killing for the glory of a hunk of metal called 'Allah' in Mekka naming it 'god' or those shootings in schools, iniceunt childrin are being killed for nothing. Tgat leads me to one question-where is god? Why is he letting this happen? and does he even EXIST?
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