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Originally Posted by Fighter-of-Wars View Post
I, myself, see happiness as what makes one fulfilled. Everyone has there own things that make them happy. But what is it that makes many people unhappy in today's world? We go to school, we learn, we are smarter than we were. Even people with large bank accounts and everything they could ask for are still depressed. Why is that? Because even though technology has given people everything they could ask for, it still can't fulfill them.
But how is this the fault of technology?

I am mostly indifferent to advancements made. They have their positives but they also have their negatives. I'm proud of us as a species to be able to innovate and create. But then we use the things we create with little thought as to how they affect us in the long run. What have we as humans created that hasn't somehow created a negative action somewhere else?
You're right, recklessness and negligence often creates negative side effects. Should we raise awareness of that? Yes. Should that stagnate us? I strongly disagree.

What you don't see is what causes disease and injury. Leading cause of death is Cardiovascular disease, then Cancer, then Chronic lower respiratory diseases. What causes these? Poor Diet, Pollution, low physical activity level, stress. Too many people driving in smog filled cities to supermarkets to buy pre-prepared fat and preservative filled foods after a long work day. As a result we have to create the medicine to fix many of the problems we, ourselves, create.
Yes, you've described some of the problems with living in a urban environment. But what exactly are you proposing here? How does that relate to your original point that science and technology don't substantially improve lifespan?

Yes, its true. Agriculture does encroach on the natural order of an ecosystem. But, as population increased, so did the need for Agriculture. Many Native American tribes hunted and gathered because there was enough local food sources to support themselves. But yes, even Native Americans farmed. But it was a non chemical, organic farm and wasn't near the size, scale, or environmental impact of modern day farms.
At the end of the day it's about controlling population growth, and how to reasonably sustain the existing population. Regardless of what happened historically, we can't magically reduce the population now so abruptly, short of global warfare or unleashing some epidemic. You correctly point out the problems of modern agriculture, but what are you proposing as a solution? Technology is unfortunately an enabler of the explosive growth in population, but I think it can also offer solutions to the problem, though a purely technical solution might not be sufficient. I suggest reading Garrett Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons, as he has some interesting perspectives on this.
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