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It seems to me that there are several options for resolving this event, based on what happens next with A-F.

1) If A-F is sold to another party and dismantled or otherwise destroyed, the members who were active there could come here and participate. A-F and ToS are more similar than A-F and Learn Na'vi, so it would probably work.

2) If we can get HNM or someone else to obtain archives and other content/materials from A-F and merge it with ToS, we could have old discussions, photo threads, and other important items from the early days of our community (yours truly has some old posts there under an alternate alias...) in a safe place to be archived away.

3) Someone outright buys all of A-F and restores it to normal, minus the useless garbage that Lon tried to shove into it. Alternatively, A-F could be bought and merged with ToS for improved interconnectivity, but these options are supposed to be for the benefit of members of that community, and they should have the final say.

Numbers two and three are arguably the best options, but make no mistake; A-F went down because Lon is an incompetent, greedy ****stain, and not because of something he couldn't control. Our forums/website hasn't had any funding problems yet, and we haven't shoved the donation button in user's faces or filled all the empty space on the side panels with ads.
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