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While I have a lot of core respect for the underlying values her charter projects ,, elevating her charter to the status of a god , big questions there,, I see Avatar and its symbolism as a reflective mirror story, like any mirror story there has to be some real world sources for that reflection to connect and resonate with people, I do feel Neytiri projects through the core virtue of her charter's "ethos" many layers of deep values that people collectively relate to at a deep heartfelt inner level ,,this is one aspect of Avatar not often spoken about very often and is one of underlying root strengths of the film that still carry on well past the films release , the fact that at least for some the film drove a number of deep personal self reflections upon peoples lives and the underlying roots of our own "ethos" "structures makes the film a very powerful venue in todays world , when one is driven to take a look at real world native leadership and community "structure" particularly the importance of the role of "clan mothers" ("Neytiri and Mo'at" are examples of this structure in the film Avatar) and importance and why they are there ,, are there real world source reflection "Neytiri" out there who protect the well being of "The people" today ? most likely , Native peoples value the virtue of "humility" not "pride"

some may find this interesting as a real world example of this role in a real world living community .
Clan Mother: Healing the Community

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