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Default Storms on Pandora

Several months ago I saved some old threads I made on AF in case the worst happened so here is one.

Anybody else wonder what it would be like to experience a heavy storm on Pandora? Would the thunder sound the same with the thicker atmospere? How would the floating mountains affect storm systems? Even flying through a rain shower on an Ikran would be neat to think about. As a person whose favorite thing about nature is weather these are some thoughts I have.

Deepness of Pandora's atmosphere.

I was just thinking about how the combination of having lower gravity, and a thicker atmosphere together would affect the structure of Pandora's atmosphere compared to that of Earths. I would imagine that with the air being thicker and not having as strong of gravity to act on it that the thickness of the atmosphere may not drop off as quickly as it does on Earth with altitude, that may have some interesting implications such as it could be a reason why the floating mountains don't seem to be that "cold"( as even high elevations in the tropical zones on Earth will get cold if you go high enough(ex. Mt. Kilimanjaro), it would also be helpful for climbing Na'vi to not have to deal with altitude sickness as much. Just something I was thinking about.
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