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Default Why Earth should be involved in the sequels

So here I am after being absent for so long and showing up in Estes Park for the meet and being told to not be a stranger that much. So I'm going to post my thoughts on something that I think Desperately needs to happen.

So here I go with something that's been on my mind for a long while. If you don't know, I wrote my first ever fan-fiction "Why I fight" to emphasize a theme that I felt the film lacked or didn't give proper closure to which was the fact of good sky people.

The first scene that built this up where Jake tells Tsu'tey to not attack the dozier after the Tree of Voices because he knew this was what the RDA wanted and gave them an excuse to destroy hometree. Jake knew what the RDA would do and Tsu'tey did exactly what an angry person would do.

Second scene, Jake confesses to Neytiri of his double agent work and she rejects him and he and grace say again and again, "We tried to stop them!" "RUN! GET OUT OF HERE!"

Third, when Etukan finally gives the order to retreat, Neytiri looks at Jake tied up and runs away.

Then finally my favorite scene happens, where Toruk Makto shows up and wouldn't you know it, it's the outcast, betrayer, alien who shows up to say "Howdy, I was in town so I' figure I'd fly by and see if I can do anything about your alien problem."

My thing is, that after all of that, I don't see Neytiri in a I'm sorry I doubted you and I forgive you," scene. Because wouldn't you feel just a little bad about leaving the soon to be the mythic warrior tied up where he potentially could have died and not save the planet from the corporate onslaught?
To me, just the return to the Well of souls wasn't enough.

What's more, the removal of the "Avatar's attack" scene where Max and the Avatars shred the command center made a lot of people feel polarized about the ending where the Protagonist gives everything up to become a full Na'vi. That probably gives the view the message that there are no human values worth saving and we need to be Na'vi in order to be good people.

But that is the opposite of what JC wants us to do as we've seen in this Balo Mante Dam documentary on the Special features of the DVD/BR. He said that a way is to use science and solve many of the problems that way.

So that lead me to my fiction, "A Better Tomorrow" where it shows that both Na'vi and humans aren't completely right nor completely wrong. Because if you think about it, if Jake hadn't convinced Eywa to fight to protect herself, something the Na'vi would never think of doing, then Jake and the Na'vi by themselves surly would have *humhum*...

Failed to combat the Alien Threat

I also introduced a new character to represent the people on Earth that are fighting for it's survival and the survival of Pandora because of the amazing plants that can heal earth. What this does is give a "You can go your way and we can go our own" and gives the audience and idea of where we can go in our lives.

I just hope that the next films can show just that; a way to show there is more than one way to live and be a good person. To show that there is something good in the human way we live while taking examples of the Na'vi and putting it into our own lives.

What are your thoughts on what should be brought out in the sequels?
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