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Kaltxì ma Rainbowhawk, it was nice to meet you in Estes Park.

I enjoyed reading your post and think it's a valid point of view. Personally, though, I feel like there were plenty of "good sky people" moments. Trudy and Max were the leading characters here, but there were other unnamed people who were clearly against the brutish acts of Quaritch & Co (the "pull the plug" Selfridge scene, many people voiced their displeasure, and for "the aliens went back to their dying home" we saw several humans standing alongside the avatars and Na'vi while the "bad" skypeople walked single file). JC could have written a script that introduced more humans who weren't directly involved with the avatar program for the sake of emphasizing the point you're making, but when you make a story as simple as what Avatar has (regular guy falls in love with forest girl who shows him the beauty of nature, bad guys try to destroy paradise and he saves the day), you can't really afford to have frivolous characters written in. So personally, I think he did pretty well conveying that message but still keeping it somewhat in the background since it rightfully is outside the main plot.

I completely agree that the "good" humans should be present in a story like this where it's otherwise such a polarizing us against them, I just feel like the setup is wrong to focus too much on that particular aspect. Avatar is already a long movie despite its simple plot, and these things would be better covered in book format. But that's just my opinion on it.

Originally Posted by Rainbowhawk1993 View Post
My thing is, that after all of that, I don't see Neytiri in a I'm sorry I doubted you and I forgive you," scene. Because wouldn't you feel just a little bad about leaving the soon to be the mythic warrior tied up where he potentially could have died and not save the planet from the corporate onslaught?
To me, just the return to the Well of souls wasn't enough.
Well, she did say, "I was afraid, Jake, for my people," in a way that I at least interpreted as an explanation for her previous words and actions. To be fair, in the scene where she left him, she was acting on emotions because he lied to her about something really, really big (I would feel pretty betrayed too if some powerful stranger fell in love with me, gained my trust and then said he had known all along he knew that my home and community was going to be destroyed by his people but he had waited until the very last moment to tell me). Mo'at, being the "wise" character, had enough sense to release the people that were most likely to help the Na'vi, but Neytiri had just had her heart crushed by Jake and wasn't able to see past that. Anyway, I felt her actions were justified.

Originally Posted by Rainbowhawk1993 View Post
I also introduced a new character to represent the people on Earth that are fighting for it's survival and the survival of Pandora because of the amazing plants that can heal earth. What this does is give a "You can go your way and we can go our own" and gives the audience and idea of where we can go in our lives.

I just hope that the next films can show just that; a way to show there is more than one way to live and be a good person. To show that there is something good in the human way we live while taking examples of the Na'vi and putting it into our own lives.
I haven't read what you wrote, but that sounds like an intriguing character and a nice solution to your idea of introducing good humans. The tricky part with the sequels I think is tying it all in and keeping it relevant, instead of just trying to make sure every meaningful message is included. It's more powerful to have one strong message than to cover all your bases.

As for what I think should be brought out in the sequels, I don't have any deep and meaningful ideas because all I want is more Pandora and Na'vi and less Earth and humans, but that has nothing to do with the messages and everything to do with my love for Pandora.
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