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Originally Posted by Crickett View Post
Actually, a lot of things.

1. The already mentioned bad soundtrack
2. If they try to basically re-make the first movie. Quaritch is back from the dead (alive via Frankenstein science), trying to destroy the tree of souls in order to conquer the world of Pandora and get all of the unobtanium.
3. If we spend the majority of the movie underwater and it doesn't live up to the majesty of the surface of Pandora.
4. If it's a cliffhanger ending a la Matrix reloaded.

I'm going to be honest. I'm actually afraid of the sequel and I have been for a very long time. There have been so many delays, there have been o many sub-par sequels in other franchises and the story of the first one ended in such a way that I really don't know where it can go next. Is it just going to be the humans coming back and trying again? Stephen Lang is returning, is it a clone or did they bring him back from the head after getting shot through the heart with two spear sized arrows? None of that sounds particularly good, but what else is there for them to do?
sorry for the late reply, but yup i defintely agree. I'd also like to add, that it would be a complete ruin if they added kids to the film - because i hate to say it but... child actors suck. also the main problem with the first avatar film was that for the most part James cameron was 'technology wise' jumping off a cliff and knitting a parachute on the way down, which meant for a really 2D (predictable) plot. so now JC's got over the tech problem hopefully he'll focus on the Navi culture etc. and not thrown in some kids
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