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As for me, I know to realize that to meet or exceed the first experience, is going to be hard to do, so Im not going to over expect, but, 1. James Cameron is good with sequels IMO. 2. JC said that he wants Avatar to be his Legacy, knowing how much effort he puts into his stuff, something that HE wants to be his legacy is going to have been well thought out, not some cookie cutter sequel, the reason for the nearly decade wait is because he has been working on the story, so it will be a well thought out progect. I guess the only SLIGHT, SLIGHT fear is maybe the chance that things are "overthought" being that he wants this franchise to be his legacy, it might be possible that he overthinks something and maybe it affects the quality of the plot, But even so I LOVE avatar and it probably wouldnt bother me, and again I trust that its going to be a well thought out ride and I am stoked for the day the rest of the journey resumes.
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