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we got lots of wind and rain, some flooding, trees and fences down everywhere, but really nothing like the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and the really bad devastation in Haiti. i lost power for about 18 hours, apparently the electrical substation was underwater and blew out it's transformers, since i heard several booms and then the lights went out. i had a ton of matches, candles, batteries, a lantern, two 18volt battery-powered lights, a big D-battery Maglite to use on intruders lol, my home enforcer, an old 16gauge side-by-side double-barrel Ithaca shotgun i got from my late uncle's estate, and lots of ice in the fridge and coolers. i also had plenty of food, catfood, beer, water, and can goods, non-perishables, as well as the necessary toilet paper lolz

still some flooded areas around my neighborhood, and a nearby river is said to be rising because all the flooded areas are draining back into it and high tide is affecting the area too. we already had a bunch of flooding and saturated wet ground from a storm last weekend or so. so much rain. *sighs*

hey West Coast, want some precipitation????
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