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Default AvatarMeet 2016 - Videos

Kaltxì ma frapo,

It's taken a while, but finally we now have the videos from AvatarMeet 2016 to share. If you were unable to make the meet up, you will be able to see what we got up to and experience the meet up yourself.

For those who were able to make it, you can now share the video with your friends and family so they can see what you got up to.

There are two videos: The first one covers the majority of the meet up, including meeting the Cirque du Soleil cast who came to Karyu Pawl's Na'vi lesson, painting Pittsburgh blue and going to see Toruk- The First Flight. The second video covers the behind the scene tour given by the Cirque du Soleil cast and crew. You can view the videos via the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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