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the private security force (secops) hired by Energy Transfer Partners, the corporation who has built the finished 1,171 miles of pipeline of the 1,172 mile total, is allegedly composed of many former thugs from the now defunct merc-for-hire Blackwater outfit, which is called Xe today and relatively small. i believe this story is true after watching videos of paramilitary thugs spraying freezing water from cannons, onto Standing Rock protestors, activists, and Native Americans, in 26 degree F weather conditions. this is despicable, unconscionable, and totally against the protected First Amendment principles on which this country was founded.

why do i feel like i woke up in the 1950s Soviet Union today??? where is JC on this hugely important issue of indigenous rights, water protection, standing up against the corportocracy?

i stand with Standing Rock. thanks to everyone carrying on the NODAPL fight!!!
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