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well, we squeaked one out at Arrowhead, lol. six field goals is a NFL playoff record, geez can we score some real points already??? how do run 176 yards on the ground and only have 18 points of boots?! smh.

ole number 72 basically gave us the game, with that holding penalty. you can't really blame Fisher though, if he hadn't held James Harrison on that play, James would've laid out Alex Smith all over the turf, since he had Fisher beat on the jumpoff from the snap. Harrison is a beast at 38 y/o, father time hasn't hardly slowed him down!

good game, we rarely win in Arrowhead, so we'll take it. next up, the CHEATriots****!

we're coming for you, ShadyBrady, and your evil sith master, Dark beliCHEAT****
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