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Default Tag line voting round 1

So, with the amount of submissions I can't make an official poll so I'd like for you to comment here or PM me. Your 3 favorites.

Pick your favorite 3:

Pandora Calls
One with Eywa
Return to Pandora
If there is a Hell, you might wanna go there for some R&R after visiting Florida.
The Magic of Pandora
The most magical place on Earth
Expedition to Pandora
2154 becomes 2017
Our dreams come true
Pandora comes true
You should see your faces
Pandora or Bust
You're not in Kansas anymore

Just a reminder, because I think a lot of people forget. "You're not in Kansas anymore" is a Wizard of Oz reference.

If you vote on this website, do not also vote on facebook or LearnNavi, thanks.
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