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I'm not sure about managing energy, water, and waste in terms of consumption, but you could try using solar panels on top of your buildings (if so inclined) to reduce how much you use from the grid; you can also try having green gardens on your roof, with them; just small plants that won't affect the sunlight gained from the solar panels. The gardens themselves can also be small, but every garden helps, and you can use leftover waste water to water the gardens, thereby recycling the water that you may not have used otherwise, for instance any water left over from dispensers when the jugs are exchanged for new ones or the water that runs out from water fountains or sinks provided that the sinks aren't used with soapy water. It would also give the employees somewhere pretty to take their breaks-- think about how nice the view would be from a garden roof! And you can always put a rail between the garden and solar panel areas to prevent accidents from damaging the panels. I'd consider hiring a specialist to figure out the best places for both things on your roof if you do implement it, to allow the best sunlight access for both the plants (and which plants to get) as well as the solar panels. And if I were you I'd make sure the solar panel setup has battery banks as well as feeding into the electrical works, so that if it isn't sunny there's still a little saved up to help mitigate the impact of rainy days! But of course it all depends on how many panels you have, what quality they are, and what the setup is going to have to be like as dictated by space.

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