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Okay, I don't mean to micro-post but seriously, I NEEDED to post this (cause I think I just contracted appendicitis from laughing too hard)

As Quoted from his website:
I have thought often about how horses, including stallions are a lot like women, Horses are also being victimized and exploited very, very much by human beings
And the real cherry on the cake:
You can't employ or get men to rescue other men. At least not free of charge and in their spare time. Not even if you tell them they will be rescuing themselves. Let alone horses. That's the thing with men. They need, truly need something more, something a lot more. They need to be rescuing something vulnerable and beautiful: Women.
All I can think of in my head right now is this:

Join_The_Navi: Who are you?
Living_Among_Horses: Im you, but better

(P.s Dr Navi: 'no other fandom than Avatar has ever been able to attract such a wide variety of wierdos.' - could be worse, we could be bronies
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