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It is reflected artistically by video authors as well " but remember they are reading into there own history ,, Avatar never in dialog directly uses a religious justification venue though it does use it in some of its harsh language examples " , The core question is How does the RDA "justify" there actions against The Na'vi people , Why does the "Symbolic" RDA think they are "superior" to them , The science team in general works with effort to counter this with the findings as well as graces shared emotions in working with the Na'vi people ,, so its not all the Humans this is very important as well (some to the humans see things through diffrent eyes) , Its all about questioning the roots of "Justification" venues past and present in refection to our own history and that's why the film is so powerful on many levels..

"Avatar what's its really about" (from the perspective of the video author of course everyone "sees" the symbolic examples shown in the film and what they reflect upon from there own internal ethos perspective so there are many viewpoints out there) I have seen this through the tales reflected around our world and it often relates to local politics and history "but" while the wording differs there are many common roots touched on that hold deep interwoven roots (all human beings can internaly relate to them no matter what culture they are from) ..

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