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Default Could a C+21 Dragon land on a aircraft carrier_

The Dragon Assault ship C-21 is also used on Earth )according to the Avatar Wiki- to fight against insurgency,terrorism etc. I came across this game called Gunship Battle, were they have the C-21 Dragon and AT-99 Scorpion gunships, and in the game, they take off of an aircraft carrier, and that makes me wonder would it be possible to land a Dragon on a aircraft carrier_ In game, zou can do whatever, because itąs just a game, And Iąm talking real life, if the C-21 would be ever built, would it even fit, because it is a freaking giant.

Also, how would a carrier based C+21 Dragon look like_ I think it would defenetly not be green, only grey or blue )given the fact that almost all carrier based aircraft are simular color=

PS C-21 My keyboard messed up again because I'm useing a cheap piece of crap and I didn't notice the '+' sign as I wanted the '-' sign

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