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Originally Posted by Ja'k Dawsiin View Post
hi Wind i have never seen this thread til now, tbh.

interesting questions and yes, i hope we see some Pandora weather phenomena during the course of the prequel and sequels. i am still quite taken with the unrendered concepts of Pandoran lighting/plasma storms seen in the unfinished/deleted scene DreamHunt, in the Avatar CE blu-ray. even temp-lighted and unrendered, the lightning storm scene gave me goosebumps, as Jake contemplated going to the ritual and seeing the vision of his spirit animal. maybe they'll finish/render this important scene someday...

rest in peace, AF memories
Kaltxì ma Ja'k! srane, it has been a long time and there have been many great memories from AF. I stil want to experience a Pandoran storm, maybe someday all the unfinished renderings from the original will be finished as that would be a cool storm to see
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