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i went to pull into my driveway on Friday, and there was a squirrel lying on the concrete. i stopped the car and got out, went and got a dustpan and broom to scoop the poor critter off the driveway. he wasn't squashed by a car or killed by all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood, but had fallen out of the tree above the driveway, while collecting food for the winter. i thought about that while taking him out to the back yard. i buried him in the garden patch, which was overgrown and unproductive this year, since i have been traveling for work so much. i took several pictures on my phone, but don't know if i can get them off my phone to the pc, or is it appropriate to post them.

it's sad the animal died in the middle of a life of purpose in nature, but we don't stay in our purpose of life in the food chain and nature itself, we destroy that purpose as a collective species.
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