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I don't know why movies still published mostly in 24 or 30fps. Most of the high budget or action films, are shot with really high framerates, because in editing state, higher framrate gives the editor higher flexibility and accuracy (for example in CGI the motion tracking is much more accurate, or the footage can be slowed down multiple times, and yea yea I know, if you slow down a 240fps footage to 60, it will be 2X times slower, and in 30fps it will 4X slower, and dinamic framerate also exists). And especially at movies, like Avatar, where 2/3 it is computer generated, and it lacks motion blur, it can look really choppy, if its framerate not high enough. (I have the blu-ray full HD version copy of Avatar and its choppy as hell...)
It would not take a lot more effort. Just set the final render's framerate to 60fps dinamic. But this also has some cons: double the amount of frames, double the size, and double rendering time. But the film industry has the instruments to do it, and we have the storage space...
So my hopes are in Mr. Cameron. I would love to see a 60fps Avatar.

I link here an upscaled Avatar footage. Do you like it, or not?
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