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Every culture has roots on its take on how they look at things impacting ones internal perception of reality and ones core relations "bonds" ,, The reflective statement ,, In the reality of many reality's , how we "see" (in Avatar context) what we see effects the "quality" of our reality,, in shaman speak so forth , we have religious perceptions influencing this ,, that often impose an external locus of control and we have spiritual perceptions of reality that come from ones voice within ,, (some call this the voice of the heart or ones core humanity) Avatar strongly reflects on the value of this understanding one holds as a "human being" and it drives Jake to refect upon its place of expression as well ,, I think its one of the reasons the films examples hold such worth in the deeper scope of things, a great deal of the historical wounding that has happened in our very real world history has come about when peoples have allowed our perceptions to be driven by an external locus of control allowing the justification of actions no heart would ever permit .. its these structures that people are questioning and making effort to evolve in our world "today" I find the examples of peoples that have broke out of these conflict loops,, and where able to address them internally in recognition , Like the story of the Haudenosaunee and the Great peace maker , the angles there people took and there life's lesson still astound me as powerful examples of spiritual insight inside the heart a living culture where they once again came to "see" each other again .

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