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Originally Posted by torukmakto4 View Post
Hans Zimmer?????? No no no no no. Seriously.

I wish I had an idea here if only to give me hope. Horner was a huge and mostly unrecognized part of A1 and its impact. This is probably my first and greatest worry over sequels (ghost/guest writers are my second).

Simon Franglen Simon Franglen - IMDb should and probably will be involved. Hopefully, as he worked with Horner on the A1 score, he can help keep things Avatar.
Judging by his imdb page, it sounds more like he was more involved in the pop song that can sometimes be found on the soundtracks to Cameron movies. It mentions his work on "My heart will go on" and "I see you".

As for composers other than Zimmer, I don't know why you don't like Zimmer. As I mentioned before, his work on Gladiator gave me hope that he could do an Avatar soundtrack justice. Maybe James Newton Howard? Alan Silvestri? Those are the only other people I can think of off hand and Howard often works with Zimmer.
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