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For all my aysmuk on ToS I would like to leave my thoughts so far, both places look amazing , but for me I really do like the Vancouver option, I am all for any option where the travel to get to the meet is somewhat easy and any Meet area that has a Large International airport near by and a possible hotel/staying quarters that is close to said airport makes that a much easier meet to get to, while still being able to see many, many things and Natural areas that I don't have at home, Also on a personal note I have always wanted to get a taste of the PNW/Southeast Canada area, the weather is mild in the summer and there are just alot of different climates and biomes in a short distance. so for me easy to get to and then many things to see and experience sounds exciting. One of the biggest things that I worry about for any meet is getting my travel down, so a set up like this fits me better, but I know there is still plenty of time for the planners to work things out. So no worries.
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