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Default Map for meetup planing


Eana Unil from LN forum create interesting map.
Originally Posted by Eana Unil
Well, there has been a topic by Skxawng for this, but since he's been inactive for ages and I can't access the map(s) (I requested access quite a while ago but never was granted it), I finally decided to create a new one after a brief discussion on this on our Discord server.

So yeah, here it is

Would be great if many people would mark their city on this map, so it's easier to see who's where Doesn't have to be the exact location, but something like 5km would be cool.

To add your city pin, simply search for your city, add it as a pin and rename that pin to your nickname.
By this map You can view where other Av fans live and (if have google account) add yourself. Source. Yes. I have her permissions to repost that here. Feel free to join.
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