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The tribes on Pandora may have had inter-tribal conflicts before the time of great sorrow,, time period wise, to me this is quite reflective of the history of the 5 nations of the "Haudenosaunee" who where all united under the great law of peace ,, I would not be surprised if certain aspects of this where reflected in the film. .this history and how they did this is quite an eye opener in its own right , later on a "sixth nation" joined this confederation which is possibly reflected in the sequels as well. (My thoughts on this) so creating scenarios where the Na'vi clans get into conflict would be out of sorts with the storyline path after the time of great sorrow is my thoughts on this as well for a good reason.. but only Source storywriters can reflect on the time before that event in Na'vi story history.. The creators of the computer game Civilization 6 got themselves in trouble with the Cree nation because they allowed players to portray Chief Poundmaker in a manor not reflective of what he stood for without consulting them first, but you are dealing with a real person and deep history there..

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