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In North America. turtle islands peoples (with a few exceptions). There society, and there leadership circles contain within there root source code expression structures an alternate perception of reality from ours, and this lies at the heart of what lies at the essence of the Native/European conflict. as well as many deep aspects of Avatar's reflective dailog "The sky people that can not "see" , these source code layers where developed long ago. and they come from a recognition within the root essence of natural law and animal responce to address alpha male aggression (Tsutey reflects this by his actions in Avatars film story verse) most of these peoples are considered "matriarchal", The powerful story about the Haudenosaunee peoples "time of great sorrow" that occurred long before Europeans arrived on the scene. and how there peoples where able to "internally" root resolve an Epic war among there nations, deeply reflects upon the importance of there recognition of the vital role of the Female perception and how women "see" and nurture , The women in this story known of as "Jigonsaseh" and she plays a huge role in this process ,, It is a big part if my life's study's to come to understand "why this is so" and is one of the reasons Avatar's reflective examples resonate so strongly for me. This is a deep subject that can not be touched upon with one message alone ,, but I will include a shortened story example that conveys these structures well ,, when one dives into the roots of what's spoken upon,, there is much to learn as to how there people came to "internally" addresses these issues. and naturaly there are many more examples of this forgotten history told within the story's of the native nations here on turtle island. It is important to understand most native peoples here in North America "see" a very different definition in mind when they use the word "Creator".. When our people say "Creator" they "see" a Relation to a God , or sometimes a "goddess" and most of South American native peoples "see" this way as well,, This reflects the structure of a people with a source code viewpoint or "lens" that comes from a Religious perception of reality.. and this is where the viewpoints within our source code can lead us to the false assumption of some very wrong stereotypes as we try and see there worldview through the "lens" of a religious perception of reality and come to relate our cosmology from this place of expression..Most native peoples on turtle island hold a very different definition in mind when they say from a humble place of expression Thank you "Creator" . They see a unnamed "thing" or "force" that represents the essence of The "source energy" that reflects the essence or spirit of both the "male" and "female" interconnected within the roots of the symbiotic natural world and its bonds holding them in ballence sometimes called "The Great mystery or the Great Spirit". its very important to understand this and quite hard to convey, It took me a long time and many hours of shared dialog with recognized elders iwithin the native community to grasp this expression space and I still have a lot to learn in this lifetime,,it cant be touched upon by intellectual study's alone. It is a part of ones core cultural identity and represents the heart of ones "spiritual freedom of expression". This is what our people tried to take this away,, "Kill the Indian, save the man" is one historical phrase that comes to mind, The multi generational trauma this created goes back 500 years .. This perception of reality and worldview ethos changes when you leave turtle island (North America to us) and go south into Central and South America ,, they see "many gods and goddesses" The Na'vi people by example lean more towards examples of the South American worldview , "but" there peoples root examples also are able to reflect and convey strong root spiritual perceptions in there expression examples as well.. This so people from both worldviews will "recognize and "bridge" to a common bond with what they source represent.. deep respect for there work in doing this this is a very uncommon perspective example for todays world to see. It is to "some" an example of the writers knowledge of some very strong "reflective" reconciliation medicine among films Story writers.. it is not surprising some people can recognize this inside at a deep heartfelt feeling level and chose to move forwarded down this path of understanding to build the roots that help them better understand our own history from an internal perceptive we where not able to "see" from before bringing about an profound act of transformation on a very non topical level.

The story of the Great Peace starts here.. in two parts

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