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Originally Posted by discounthobo159 View Post
- James Cameron's obsession with the tech. Seriously no one is going to buy a 3D T.V, Glasses and upgrade their DVD player just to watch Avatar.
Umm.... I did.
I bought a 3D TV specifically so I could watch Avatar in 3D.

It's too bad that they stopped manufacturing 3D TVs. I was hoping that the 3D chip would just become another standard feature on all TVs like closed captioning. But I think the industry overpriced 3D and the glasses (Panasonic, seriously, $150 per pair??) People weren't willing to pay the high premium. My 2016 Samsung TV was one of the last 3D models produced and retailed for almost $4000 (hell no, I didn't pay that - I got it on clearance after they discontinued them for $1350 CAN), although Samsung got smart with the active glasses, slimming the tech down to look like ordinary sunglasses, including 2 pairs with the TV and sold extras for only $20 a pair.

James Cameron is the king of the sequels. Aliens, Terminator 2. Hell he could probably write a sequel to Titanic. And hopefully by the time A2 is released people will be sick of Marvel movies and will welcome a return to Pandora.

The "Forgotten" Movie had:

A touring museum exhibit.

A successful Cirque du Soliel Toruk show that is still touring.

Disney - They took a big risk, spending $400 million on a Pandora theme park attraction for a "forgotten" movie. Over a year and a half later, it's still the busiest part of the Magic Kingdom with constant 2 hour lines for the attractions (at least until the new Star Wars park opens next year).

It has "no pop culture impact" because it sold itself as an escape to another world with an environmental message, not as a toy line the way Star Wars does. (Yes, I know there was an Avatar toy line - I bought all of them). Avatar was an unknown film with no built-in fan base when it was released, so the studio was not about to sink hundreds of millions (more) into competing with Star Wars for space in Toys R Us. Remember Green Lantern and the toy line released with the film? I didn't think so. Oh wait, people aren't cosplaying Avatar at Comic-Con. That's why it's "forgotten". Of course now that Disney owns Fox Studios (and hence, Avatar), you can be sure that the next film will have Disney's marketing push and even a (GASP!) Disney Princess Neytiri doll (which honestly I would probably buy anyway. I spent $600 at Windtraders when I went to Disney's Pandora this year, and that was after narrowing down what I wanted to buy).

And since Disney owns Fox Studios and the mega-popular Pandora Park, Avatar has the backing of the biggest promotional behemoth in the industry. Disney brought back The Incredibles 15 years later. They just opened a big Toy Story park and are releasing Toy Story 4 next year, years after everyone thought that film franchise had been wrapped up. Love it or hate it, if anyone can bring Avatar 2 back to everyone's attention, Disney can.

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