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Originally Posted by Sight Unseen View Post
Yeah, most of us are poor. 3D came at just the right time to be killed off by the aftermath of the 2008 crash, then the economy recovered but normal people stayed poor. That's why there's all these articles about "wah millennials are killing off luxury item here"

Give it another 10 years. VR will fill the niche, and once that happens I think living room 3D will make a quiet comeback when OLED is more mature tech.

I am planning to buy a PS4 + PSVR ($450 & tax with holiday discounts) so I can watch Avatar in 3d. Supposedly the PSVR has that capability, although I don't know for certain. I was hoping at some point 3d tv's would become affordable (they still cost north of two grand), but that just never happened. And we're at a point where I believe only Sony even makes 3d tv's anymore and I vehemently dislike Sony tv's.
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