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Default "The aliens went back to their dying world"

So, there are a bunch of casting announcements. Michelle Yeoh is going to be playing a new doctor, Edie Falco has been cast as a new military general, and Brendan Cowell has signed on allegedly to play a marine hunting vessel captain. And of course Giovanni Ribisi and Stephen Lang (somehow) will be returning.

This sounds an awful lot like more skypeople are gonna come like a rain that never ends even after the Avatars, Na'vi, Trudy and wildlife of Pandora stopped them.

I'm always assumed that with the timejump from the first movie to the sequels, that the RDA would just now be returning. After all, six years to return to earth and six years to return to Pandora. But with these casting choices (particularly the marine hunting vessel? How and why would that even be on Pandora?), I'm worried they're going to retcon the ending of Avatar so that the RDA either never actually left, or just turned right back around and immediately set up shop somewhere else on Pandora without so much as a slight lull.

At the end of Avatar, Jake proclaimed that the aliens went back to their dying world? To quote Mo'at: "Is this true?"
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