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Years ago on we discussed how Quarritch would return and I said that I thought Avatar 2 should start immediately after the end of the first movie, in a military outpost on Pandora, where a completely scar free Quarritch (3 tours Nigeria, not a scratch) is regrouping and gathering intel on Jake and "that blue bitch who killed my avatar". Before developing avatars of human DNA mixed with Na'vi DNA, they would have had to perfect creating and operating purely human avatars, right? It makes sense that the RDA would send their head of security's avatar into the dangers of Pandora, not the actual Quarritch. Which also explains how Quarritch has no fear when jumping out of a crashing airship in his AMP suit and numerous other life threatening situations. This also explains how Wainfleet could be brought back from the dead as well. I also assumed that at the end of the first film, that the humans and Selfridge took the shuttle to the orbiting space station and then called earth for help or further instructions, and never actually returned home. Really, do you think that a big corporation like the RDA would let Selfridge just give up and go home? Once the ship is in orbit, the Na'vi can't see it any more and think it has gone home. Earth/RDA has way too much invested on Pandora to just "go home and forget it".
But since Avatar 2 is happening 8 years later, that's enough time for a new transport full of reinforcements (and new toys!) to have been sent to Pandora from Earth. The humans in the orbiting station could go into cryo until the ship from Earth arrives.
But we'll only really know what James has up his sleeve once the next movie comes out, which will probably be so much more ingenious than anything we could have thought of.
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