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Courtesy of "NOAA Satellites."

At 4am it's currently 77F, it's clear, and there's no wind. The humidity is 85% with a dew point at 71F. The current visibility is 7 miles. The skies will be clear through the rest of the night / morning with a low of 74F and some light winds from the south. Saturday the skies will be clear. The high will be 100F today peaking at about 3PM with winds 2 to 8 mph from the south-southwest.

The allergy index is high at 11.2 (0 to 12). The air quality has been extremely bad the past week. The primary offenders are Ragweed, Elm, and Chenopods.

In other words, it's going to be one hot son of a biscuit with practically unbreathable air.
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