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Default Maybe The Next Day. (Character Sign Up)

My first RP on ToS and I am hoping to see some activity on this.

The story of Maybe the Next Day is about a world controlled by Communism. You are just an everyday person like me, him or her and do your duty to your country. Though you live in the same basic housing unit as every one in your neighborhood a single story house with two rooms and one bathroom, you always have enough money to pay for food, nothing else, and you live in a world where everything is peaceful and the military makes sure of that.
Yet, you are disgusted with the way things are going, you have been mugged five times in one month, the police nearly broke down your door for not paying your rent and you are in no mood to go to your dead end job as a factory worker getting paid the same wage.
You feel the need to rise up against the people who hold your tongue and say "don't do that or you will be killed." You feel the need to rally people under your banner for hope and prosperity instead of the dreary life they live.

Now, rise up against the Communist regime and fight back for what you believe in! Join the Grey Movement!

Yeah, yeah I know. I just wanted to do something different you know? just a normal one about soviet rule. You can be a soviet soldier, but I hope some of you will be a rebel like I am going to make. here is the info you need.

Eye colour:
Hair colour:

Well, here you go hope it pleases some.
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