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Originally Posted by Eltu View Post
All this being said, of course the forums will remain around for as long as is ever possible.
To this I say thank you! Thank you for keeping this place going for 10 years, that's truly fantastic.

I started my fandom on AF and while I was aware of the split as it was happening I wasn't interested in joining ToS because I was happy where I was and had made tons of friends who also weren't leaving. I did check out this forum from time to time and thought it looked cool because it looked like the earlier days of AF but I just spent so much time on AF I had no reason to join yet another forum. I didn't have much of an opinion at the time on the split other than it felt like those who left didn't like those who stayed as much and I always hated that. However looking at it with 10 years having past I'm glad it happened. I'm glad because this place exists even long after AF has fallen, and gotten up, and fallen a few more times. Even in this thread I see a couple of long time AF friends. So thank you for all the time and money you've put into this place Eltu, and thanks for welcoming any of the Avatar fans who'd like to congregate here. I will always prefer a forum to express my fandom vs social media.
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